What’s in a win?

You might have noticed a brand-new Vera&John ad doing the rounds, and we thought you might be curious about how we came up with some of the figures mentioned in the advert. Stick around and find out, but fair warning, it might get a bit maths-y.

We claim that there are over 300,000 wins a day at Vera&John, that’s a lot of wins! But how did we get to that number?

Since 2012, there have been well over 1 billion wins at Vera&John. That means an average of 12 million wins a month, or, if we divide that into days, over (give or take a win here or there), 300,000 wins every day!

But what’s in a win? And would a win by any other name smell as sweet? Okay, so that analogy broke down pretty fast, but the question stands! Every time one of our games pays out real money, regardless of the stake, that’s a win.

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We’re very fond of the pink VJ logo, so of course it features heavily in our advert and we weren’t shy about flooding some famous locations in Sweden with as many of them as we could. Don’t worry though, no people or buildings were harmed while filming the ad!

Now, we’re not assuming the balls are perfectly stacked. Random spheres dropped any old way will fill a space to a density of around 65%, but we landed on a figure of 69.5%. That’s about halfway between completely random and perfectly aligned because things are just a bit more organised in Sweden.

Each ball represents a win at Vera&John, so we took the numbers we mentioned above and came up with some fancy pink ball facts.

We based our calculations on the assumption that every ball is roughly the size of a regulation football with a radius of approximately 11cm, give or take a few millimetres. With an approximate area of 2322m2, Sergel’s Square is a recognisable Swedish landmark, so we filled it with pink balls!

We chose a depth of approximately 4 metres (to account for the stairs!), that gives us a volume to fill of approximately 9288m3. With every ball standing for a win at Vera&John since 2012, we would have enough balls to fill Sergel’s Square a thousand times over!

We didn’t stop at Sergel’s square, of course. If you’ve seen the advert, then you know we also descended on Kungsportsavenyen like a pink-ball delivering Santa and went to Norrtälje, too!

We hope this short article helped to clear up some of the numbers we used in our ad! Making the ad was lots of fun and we very much hope you enjoyed it!

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