Maarit was hot on the heels of a 386,210 kr jackpot win!

Maarit was hot on the heels of a win, but unlike a certain consulting detective she didn't need a magnifying glass or a deerstalker hat, or even a moustachioed sidekick! The clues were all there, and once she'd eliminated the spin-possible, all that remained was a very happy player with a 386,210 kr jackpot win!

"The game's afoot," is probably NOT something Maarit said to herself as she busily span away at Holmes and the Stolen Stones, an Yggdrasil slot featuring everyone's favourite detective. We caught up with our erstwhile spin-sleuth and asked her how she felt about landing the jackpot. "I've dreamt about it for such a long time," an audibly excited Maarit said. "And now that it's happened, I still can't believe it!"

A powerful 501,630 kr prize from Golden Temple!


One brave and lucky adventurer has found the riches which were lost in the mysterious temple, and is now Vera&John’s newest

A breath-taking 803,230 kr prize which left João speechless!


The moment a jackpot prize flashes on the screen is an unbelievable moment.

Naomi’s juiced a delicious win of 305,800 kr on Laser Fruit!


An ordinary night just like any other turned into one like no other for Naomi.

A Jackpot win gave Sho the thrill of his life!


A quick boost is just what you need to get started first thing in the morning.

Michael landed a tasty 2,909,700 kr win on Laser Fruit!


If life gives you lemons, ask for more lemons and maybe you’ll land a high win on Laser Fruit, just like Michael!

Shota's 327,480 kr birthday present on Ozwin's Jackpots


Stuck at work on his special day, Shota S. was not in the mood for celebration.


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